Become A SuperLearner: The MasterClass - I'm skeptical. Does this stuff really work?

Armie C.

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At SuperHuman Academy, we are only interested in teaching neuroscientifically proven techniques that actually work.

You can check out - The Science Behind the SuperLearner Methodology, which demonstrated that:

• Memory champions and world record holders do NOT have a genetic or structural advantage over the rest of us. Their brains start out just like yours.

• Memory training, however, "upgrades" and rewires your brain, improving its overall function and performance

• The brains of trained individuals exhibit improved, altered connectivity patterns which dramatically improve recall by over 2X

• These changes can be achieved in just 30 minutes per day for 4 weeks, and...

• The improvements are permanent - with benefits persisting even long after you discontinue training

We also encourage you to check out these video interviews with our real-life students.

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