Do you limit how many courses can I take at a time?

Armie C.

Last Update 3 年前

In general, no. You are welcome to begin every one of our courses either during the Free Trial or during your first month - though we do not recommend it. You are also free to complete entire courses during that time period, if you wish.

Please note, however, that because a small portion of our courses (including 5 Day Memory Mastery and The SuperLearner MasterClass) require students to practice and implement before moving on, we have deliberately created a "drip" schedule for those courses.

This is intended to prevent students from either getting overwhelmed or "binging" on the content - both of which reduce student success. After years of experimentation and over 200,000 students, we've realized that for a select few courses, it's better if students have a set pace.

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