What is SuperHuman Squad All Access Pass?

Armie C.

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If you are looking for a premium version of our courses. We are happy to introduce to you the SuperHuman Squad All-Access Pass!

Where you’ll find a staggering $3,919 worth of premium courses. This also entitles you to gain access to new courses in our roadmap.

Have your own "Netflix of Self-Improvement" focused on learning and memory, productivity, self-improvement, health, and fitness.

For as low as $499 a year or $49 per month, here are the courses that you can get:

* Become A SuperLearner: The MasterClass 

* Become A Speed Demon: The MasterClass 

* Ultimate Advantage 

* Become A SuperHuman

* Passive Income Powerhouse 

* Raising SuperLearners 

* Creating a Meaningful Life 

* 5 Day Memory Mastery

* Digital Zen With Maya Yizhaky 

* Build Your SuperHuman Body with Tee Major 

* Dominate Your Procrastination MasterClass 
* NEW! Journaling Mastery: Become Your Better Self 

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